A horse-drawn carriage ride in Courchevel 1850

A carriage ride in Courchevel

The age-old tradition of horse-drawn carriage rides has always fascinated young and old alike, for the elegance of the horses that use their strong bodies to pull the carriage with graceful steps. This unusual activity is a way to enjoy an excursion through beautiful landscapes to the pace of authentic draft horses.

A taxi carriage from the centre of Courchevel 1850

Just a few minutes from the Chalet Hôtel de La Loze, near the Croisette, you’ll find the Courchevel carriage and its horse who’ll wait on four hooves to take you wherever you’d like to go. Like a taxi, this draft horse and carriage provide a truly delightful way to get around the resort. Once you arrive at your destination, the draft horse nods to wish you a good day. While keeping you warm, this horse-drawn taxi is a great way to visit Courchevel 1850, get to a restaurant or enjoy a shopping spree without any CO2 emissions.

A horse-drawn carriage ride through Courchevel

Available to you with your family or friends, the Courchevel horse-drawn carriage also offers a tour of Courchevel 1850 and its surroundings. Nestled within the carriage, you’ll embark upon an unusual adventure along the white mountain peaks of Vallée de la Tarentaise. With light steps on the crisp snow, this ride will leave an unforgettable impression on the whole family.

To celebrate a special event, such as a birthday or wedding, the horse and its carriage are available to make your celebration even more exceptional in Courchevel 1850. From the light flurry of snowflakes falling from the sky to the elegance of the horse moving across the blanket of snow, your photos of this experience will certainly be memorable.

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