Heliski, an authentic off-slope experience

The prestigious off-trail experience

This is a memorable experience that will bring you into contact with the snow while it is still completely untouched, from the highest peaks of the Alps. Snow stretching as far as the eye can see and miles of slopes: these will be the natural elements of your day. This skiing day is sure to impress you and your companions, thanks to the authenticity and exclusivity of the Heliski experience.

Heliski from Courchevel 1850

Departing from the altiport of Courchevel 1850, set out for the most prestigious activity that is available in the mountains: Heliski. A day far beyond your wildest dreams, where your ski lift is a helicopter.

A helicopter flight over the mountains

Before taking off, stow your skis and snowboard in the basket on the outside of the helicopter; then slip on your headset and get ready to fly. From the first seconds of flight, the impressive view of the snowy mountains sweeps you away to an extraordinary world. Stretches of white snow as far as the eye can see, among the highest peaks of the Alps. This unique spectacle can only be appreciated by a privileged few thanks to Heliski and other similar activities. Helicopter flights over Courchevel and the 3 Valleys area are also available without necessarily being part of a heliski adventure.

Off-trail skiing in the Alps

The spectacular view from the helicopter is unforgettable, but when the chopper lands, the day reveals a whole other facet. In the company of a professional mountain guide and your ski companions, you’ll set out to take on virgin trails. Along long, incredible runs, you’ll have the opportunity to leave your traces along miles of pure snow. This Heliski day is punctuated by breaks during which you may admire the white landscapes and extreme slopes.

Returning to Courchevel 1850 in a helicopter

At the end of the day, the sound of the chopper’s blades marks your return to the 3 Valleys area and your arrival to the Chalet Hotel de La Loze.

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