A snowshoe excursion from Courchevel

A mountain hike from Courchevel 1850

Mountain hiking is a popular discipline in these snowy mountains, and it is a great way to discover the hidden nooks and lesser-known crannies of this natural environment. These landscapes are both enchanting and prestigious, and only hikers equipped with snowshoes are able to discover them. This activity combines the athletic activity of a hike with the serenity of a stroll through spruce forests.

A snowshoe hike through the Tarentaise Valley

With a great number of snowshoe hiking circuits, Courchevel is the ideal destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike. At our establishment in Courchevel 1850, Chalet Hôtel de La Loze, our hostess can accompany you to the departure point of these paths, and can point you to the partner shops that can provide you with high-performance equipment.

In all, there are nine marked-out itineraries through Courchevel. Each one offers its own distinctive characteristics and natural beauty to hikers of all levels. Like ski pistes, the itineraries are assigned degrees of difficulty: green, blue, red and black.

Hiking in the company of a local guide

Enjoy the services of a professional guide to lead you along your snowshoe hiking excursions, and adventure beyond the well-beaten path to discover the Alps from a new angle. As you round a bend, your guide might invite you to come closer to a river to admire its ice crystals, to explore snowy fields or to hurtle down the powdery slopes; you might also enjoy spotting the local wildlife by following fresh prints in the snow.

Your equipment for a snowshoe excursion on your own

Winter hiking is indeed a dream-come-true, but this activity requires specialised equipment even if you’ll just be out for a day.

Remember to gear up with:

  • Three layers of clothing;
  • An additional anorak in your knapsack;
  • Ski suit bottoms or other trousers that are insulated and water-resistant, with built-in gaiters;
  • If possible, choose warm, water-proof shoes;
  • And make sure you have thick socks

It is important to cover your head as well as your ears, neck and hands. A pair of finely lined gloves are perfect.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

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