Cross-country skiing

Nordic skiing

The ultimate Olympic sport, cross-country skiing is a form of hiking on skis through snowy landscapes. A well-rounded sport with a multitude of health benefits that offers a full body workout. Accessible to all ages, cross-country skiing may be performed on flat or hilly pistes to the delight of skiers of all levels.

Circuits departing from Courchevel

In the vicinity of our Chalet Hôtel de La Loze, you’ll enjoy 90 km (56 mi) of marked-out paths, each designed for an excursion through the heart of the forest. These pistes, offering unexpected circuits, are available free of charge, and our reception agents will be delighted to point you to the departure points. There are nine paths:

  • The Col de la Loze loop, with 5 km (1.2 mi), brings you through an idyllic setting to Le Roc Tania, where Mont Blanc provides the backdrop.
  • The Courchevel / Méribel Altiport piste, stretching along 17 km (10 mi), is a long path that will delight cross-country skiing enthusiasts because the snow there is generally of a very high quality.
  • The Le Bouc Blanc itinerary extends for 5 km (3 mi) along a hilly path through the forest.
  • The Courchevel La Tania circuit leads you along 15 km (9 mi) across the spruce forests of La Tania.
  • The Le Belvédère loop is an easy circuit along 5 km (3 mi) of an unparalleled beauty thanks to its generous sun exposure.
  • The Brigues / Chantery is a round-trip itinerary along 5 km (3 mi) for a beautiful ascent through the ski pistes of Courchevel.
  • The Bouc Blanc is a more challenging circuit of 8 km (5 mi) reserved to experienced skiers.
  • The Méribel-Altiport stretches along 18 km (11 mi) as an extension of the Bouc Blanc circuit.
  • The Le Praz Nordic site, made up of three loops (5 km / 0.6 mi, 7 km / 4.3 mi and 8.5 km / 4.9 mi) was used for the 1992 Olympics. The first loop is a simple circuit for beginners, while the two others offer a chance to develop your style and technique.

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