A snowmobile excursion in Courchevel 1850

A motorised trip over the snow

When the slopes of Courchevel close, and when all the skiers are indoors enjoying a nice hot meal, you can jump on a snowmobile to enjoy a spectacular adventure through the snowy landscapes. Once seated, the whole Courchevel area becomes your life-sized playground for this motor escapade.

The snowmobile circuit of Courchevel

Just 10 minutes from Chalet Hôtel de La Loze, make your departure for this snowmobile experience at the altiport of Courchevel 1850. This activity is possible even for the youngest adventurers: they enjoy 700 m (2,297 ft) of secure circuit, open from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. to share the joys of driving on the snow. At the starting line, eyes awaiting the green light, you can challenge your friends or family through a variety of curves, zig-zags, and overtaking zones before heading for the stands to hand the snowmobile over to another driver.

A snowmobile excursion from Courchevel Moriond

Departing from Courchevel Moriond, also located 10 minutes from Chalet Hôtel de La Loze, a snowmobile excursion awaits, along with thrills and a complete change of scene.

  • Enjoy a one-hour snowmobile excursion on your own or with a passenger, in a group of up to 10 snowmobiles.
  • The excursion also has its gourmet side, since a warming aperitif is served to you at the fireside, where you can talk about this unusual experience.
  • This snowmobile excursion offers even more thrills, since upon arrival, you’ll enjoy a sled ride along a slope in the middle of the forest before the gourmet aperitif.

A nocturnal excursion

Departing from the restaurant Le Pilatus located near the altiport of Courchevel 1850 every Thursday evening, hop on a latest-generation snowmobile. Featuring hand and feet heaters, a snowmobile offers you a comfortable ride with your friends through the forest of Courchevel 1850, followed by long, straight off-trail stretches where you’ll discover the Tarentaise peaks under a starry sky. At the end of the session, the Le Pilatus restaurant awaits you for a unique Savoyard dinner to conclude this nocturnal excursion.

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