Environmental Charter


Maison Fenestraz’s teams are committed to implementing an eco-responsible policy in all of their Maisons in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our guests from around the world can take action as well and adopt eco-responsibles behavior during their stays. 

Our commitments and actions for the environment



  • We use low consumption bulbs
  • Motion detectors are in place in many public spaces, and in certain areas reserved for staff
  • Double glazed windows to reduce energy consumption


  • We optimize the water consumption in the rooms – all our bathrooms are fitted with a shower head
  • Provision of reusable water bottles for all staff to avoid the consumption of plastic bottles
  • We invite our guests to hang the towels they wish to reuse and place those they wish to replace in the bathtub.

Recycling and Waste

  • We recycle sheets of paper, batteries, bulbs, ink cartridges and coffee capsules.
  • We sort by separating daily waste, cartons, packaging as well as glass bottles and jars.

Maintenance products

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products for cleaning and laundry.

Purchase Policy

  • Since December 2019 we have been working with Tana & Green ecological products.
  • Minimize daily waste by using reusable candles

Eco Friendly behaviours in our Maisons

  • Reuse towels and linen during your stay.
  • Reduce noise pollution by staying calm in the common areas